Hi, I'm Katie. I love to cook real food, read as much as I can about holistic health practices, and spend time with my family. Read more about me here.


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Chicken Recipe Round-up!!

As promised, I am continuing my series of recipe round-ups focusing on one menu feature or meal. Today it’s chicken! Think you’ve run out of ideas for cooking chicken? Me too. So I went out in search of new ones and all of these look promising! Chicken can get pretty darn bland and the fact that I’m pregnant and have a mild aversion to the protein doesn’t help. Maybe if I stick to trying some of these, I’ll make it through while ensuring I don’t exclusively eat beef. Why do I have to love beef so much?? You will notice that I’ve sought out ways to cook with the slow cooker or crock pot. I freaking love this thing because it makes my life so easy. If you don’t have one yet, GET ONE NOW! Anyway, I’d love to hear what you think as always and don’t forget to add your favorite recipes for Chicken in the comments too.

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Breakfast Recipe Round-up!!

Hello lovelies! I’ve decided to switch things up a bit and depart from my usual “a day in the life” sort of recipe round ups that contain a meal for every part of the day. I’m going to do a few posts including round ups of awesome recipes from different categories. I hear so many Paleo followers (especially the new ones) request ideas for breakfast. So, today we’ll tackle that one! I’ve never been a huge breakfast eater since it takes me a little while to become hungry in the morning. However, I LOVE breakfast foods so I can certainly attest to the need for ideas. I have found a ton of good ones while trolling the interwebs. Some of the ones you’ll see today came from the awesome list mynaturalfamily.com put together. Let me know what you think and feel free to link to more Paleo/Primal/Grain-free breakfast recipes you’d like to add in the comments.

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Kinda Sorta Sticking to Paleo While Pregnant

I’m a part of this awesome group on Facebook that focuses on the Paleo diet, pregnancy, and raising kids. It’s great for so many reasons. Probably the biggest reason is that it’s allowed me forgive myself my cravings and food aversions during this pregnancy.

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Recipe Round-up 8th (EASTER) Edition 

I know, I know. It’s been a looong minute since I’ve posted and I apologize profusely. You may understand slightly after I clue you in on what’s been going on in my life for the past few months. First, SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT TIME! We are expecting our first baby!!!!! Squeee. As of today I’m about 15 ½ weeks along. In addition to that wonderful and emotional news, my fiancé has suffered a very bad back injury so between he and I, we’ve been quite to interesting pair. See...I’ve had a lot going on.

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Recipe Round-up 7th Edition and NEW Link Love

Good grief! This year has started out quite hectic. It’s been pretty crazy at the day job after the holidays and the winter storm that hit Atlanta in late January (2014). It threw practically the entire state and I in a bit of a tail spin. I’m working on a post about my experience and learnings on that one. It was a doozy!

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